Shared, Safe, Smart

We're putting a new pin on our map

From Bird Zero to Bird Three, every Bird we’ve added to our fleet has furthered our mission of cleaner air, less traffic and more joy. Today we’re taking our mission another step further by adding the first electric bike to our lineup of industry-leading micro EVs.

Easy adjust seat

Electric pedal assist

Front-mounted basket

20% climbing grade

Ideal for 3-5 mile trips

More options for more riders

Bikeshare bikes are built for range, covering trips of 3 - 5 miles in comfort. Adding bikes to the Bird fleet means there’s always a safe, accessible and eco-friendly way to travel, no matter where you’re going.

Pack it out
Pack it in

Whether commuting or running errands sometimes you need a little extra space. Bring a bag or two along for the ride: groceries, gym bags, laptops, and shopping bags all fit comfortably in the spacious front-mounted basket.

Designed for

The bikes are built with comfort and flexibility in mind. Its low, step-through frame, quick-adjust seat and electric assist pedaling make every trip a breeze.


Remotely locks and unlock, equipped with anti-theft and anti-vandalism technology


Multi-mode geolocation for prompt geofence response and on-board sensors for self-diagnosis


Audible voice prompts and alarm sounds to guide riders and respond to unlicensed movement

Cleaner Air

Less Traffic

Cleaner Air

Less Traffic

More joy.

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